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Nor hammer nor nail, onslaught winds the beams withstood,
Nor hammer nor nail, rains
torrent through ceiling no rot, yet wood,
But memories are nails to fasten what's learnt as it should,
And life the anvil forging wisdom from memories nailed for good.

-  which means "NAILS for Artificial Intelligence Lisp Solving" - is a package of solutions to the exercises in LISP 3rd edition by Berthold Klaus Paul Horn and Patrick Henry Winston.

NAILS is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Download NAILS as:
Or help yourself directly from the NAILS buffet.







Basic Lisp Primitives


Procedure Definition & Binding 


Predicates & Conditionals 


Procedure Abstraction & Recursion 


Data Abstraction & Mapping 


Iteration on Numbers & Lists 


Printing & Reading 


Properties & Arrays 


Macros & Backquote 




Classes & Generic Functions 


Lexical Variables Generators & Encapsulation 


List Storage Surgery & Reclamation


Lisp in Lisp


Examples Involving Search 


Examples Involving Simulation 


The Blocks World with Classes & Methods


Answering Questions about Goals


Constraint Propagation 


Symbolic Pattern Matching


Streams & Delayed Evaluation


Backward Chaining & PROLOG


Interpreting Transition Trees 


Procedure-Writing Programs & Database Interfaces


Finding Patterns in Images


Converting Notations Manipulating  Matrices & Finding Roots