You're sending me discrete signals from across the room,

I respond on impulse, reflecting on the sampling of events

That were a dichotomy from the day you left your mother's womb;

Multiplied in frequency, integrated in time, a weighted confluence

Of sliding, shifting trains of thought, alternative messages under transformation;

Counterpoint, duality, involution, contradistinction without confusion;

Independence in summation. Silence - this is convoluted conversation.

GNU C-Graph is a tool for visualising the convolution theorem, derived from the Fortran program in my BSc. Honours dissertation in Electrical Engineering.

GNU C-Graph is dedicated to victims of apartheid, and to Haitian attorney and human rights advocate Eliezer Regnier.


* GNU C-Graph 2.0

* C-Graph dev 2.0

Pre-release versions of GNU C-Graph

* C-Graph version 1.0

  • C-Graph.tgz

  • C-Graph.zip

Or view files from the C-Graph buffet.

* Hthesis

C-Graph is derived from Hthesis.f, the Fortran 77 code from my BSc. Honours dissertation in Electrical Engineering "Interactive Computer Package Demonstrating: Sampling Convolution and the FFT", University of Aberdeen (1983).