Regnier: Haitian Prince

Regnier: Haitian Prince

Regnier, Advocate, Haitian Prince,

Just as the sun rises from darkness keep,

And with it shadows of night gone since

A new tomorrow wakens you from sleep.

A sprightly leap towards heaven you bound

Each breath a gift from an almighty power;

An enduring peace, you've finally found

Earth's memories past. Bells chime the new hour.

Man's inhumanity to man in Earth's bosom hides

A deep, dark abyss with scourges filled;

Human dignity, power, and wealth divides,

Yet nought but walls nurturing poverty we build.

Frail Haitian boats, no port to fall,

God's souls thirsting for life, seeking new heights;

Regnier, you championed justice, heeded the call,

For man is much more than a bundle of rights.

Through orbs of light on angel's wings

Fly serene in slumber, nestle 'till dawn;

Your saxophone, a regal sacrament sings,

Princely ace in the pack from which you were drawn.

And as you alight to greet the new day,

May the rights you advocated echo in refrain;

Perhaps we've learnt the way from you, Regnier,

Your filial duty to God proclaimed forever, and again.

"Jeeny candle" is a Wikimedia Commons graphic.