Law Project

My Caprica Law site (now being constructed) will outline the project to bring to justice the international criminal enterprise concerned with the maintenance and cover-up of apartheid at the University of Aberdeen Scotland. At the heart of the individual action is the theft of my BSc. Honours dissertation "Interactive Computer Package Demonstrating: Sampling Convolution and the FFT" submitted in April 1983, awarded a mark of zero, and appropriated by the University to fulfill the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering awarded to a white male, Colin Sinclair MacLean, in July 1985. Former School of Engineering Head Professor John R. Smith (assisted by my Dissertation supervisors Peter Lees and Fraser Stronach) was the architect of the theft commissioned with the knowledge and approval of the University authorities and external examiners, one of whom was a Vice-Chancellor elsewhere. In 2002, I was finally able to decipher MacLean's surname. I immediately obtained a copy of his PhD thesis "Development of a Microprocessor-based Signal Analyser for Machine Condition Monitoring", and demanded that the University rescind his degree.

In consequence of the evidence presented (which I distributed to Professors in the USA in order to publicize the crimes) the University unwillingly verified what they already knew from the time of my appeal to the Senate in 1983 - that the machine code that substantiated MacLean's Thesis was a verbatim copy of the entire Fortran code developed in my Honeywell user account. The University, however, denied that such verification took place but secretly rescinded MacLean's doctoral award in March 2003, while refusing to accredit my Honours Dissertation or to name the author of the "FORTRAN programs" cited in Appendix A of MacLean's Thesis as software used for analysis. Concomitantly, the University have declined to name the author of the Fortran Program whose backup tapes are a complete transcript of the creation and development history recorded under my user ID "uen4059"; yet they covertly claim that I am not the author of the FORTRAN Program in my own account - i.e. the Program was authored by a ghost.:-)

In order to perpetuate the fraud, the University subsequently published my student transcript attaching a false mark of 60% to my Dissertation when, in fact, they retain the mark of zero (0%) in the official records of the University, making the BSc. Honours degree awarded null and void, and the published student transcript a forgery in law.

As the various letters from the University of Aberdeen suggest, the authorities apparently believe that they enjoy a privilege of impunity from their practice of apartheid and underlying crime; for the evidence of obstruction of justice by the International Criminal Court, Scotland Yard, and other law enforcement agencies is wholly consistent with positions taken by British Government authorities acting in gross breach of duty. Caprica Law records all major complaints filed in the cause.

On 18 January 2008, I announced the theft of my Dissertation on the web. Download the Fortran code from the Dissertation and see my reproduction of the Program as C-Graph.

Enjoy GNU C-Graph 2.0, which was released in October 2011.

Adrienne Gaye Thompson