Painting Notes for "Regnier: Haitian Prince"

Regnier: Haitian Prince

A portrait in oils to commemorate

the life of my best friend and former fiancé,

Eliezer Regnier 1952 - 2010

Copyright © 2010 Adrienne Gaye Thompson

Photo by Conrad Nicely of The Finer Pieces


First came the poem, then came the need to paint Regnier's portrait. I spent weeks trying to find Regnier's features from an old, badly lit black and white photo in which he was overweight, bearing little resemblance to his real self. This is the charcoal sketch for Regnier's portrait in oils that I've been working on - it captures Regnier's spirit on canvas, from memory.

This is the reference photo for the pose.

The saxophonist is Warren Harris; the photographer, Conrad Nicely. The photo was shot on

25 August 2010, at Warren's Mellow Groove Music studios, 9 Cecelio Avenue. Kingston 10,

Jamaica. Conrad, art lover and photographer of The Finer Pieces, also photographed the

charcoal sketch on canvas.

Look out for the finished painting!